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Thursday, March 4, 2010


An excellent resource for NMR users has been gaining more and more popularity on the web over the last few years. The brainchild of Evgeny Fadeev (Director of the Biomolecular Spectroscopy Facility at the University of California Irvine), NMR Wiki is an information sharing site offering a question and answer forum, job postings, a pulse sequence library, course material, history, information on meetings etc.... I think this is a fantastic place to learn more about NMR and Evgeny is to be commended for his efforts.


Evgeny said...
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Evgeny said...

...reposting misspelled Glenn's name first time...

Dear Glenn, thank you for mentioning NMR Wiki!

I hope that the project will become a part of the magnetic resonance community.

The wiki is growing and will continue to, but it will grow much faster if more people contribute.

Here is the deal: editing can be done at any time without asking any permissions, password is not necessary (but available) and anyone with the interest in programming is welcome to join me developing software directly on the server.

Btw, there's also
, where any attachments are accepted (pdf, ppt, tar, zip, etc.)

How about sending there a pulse sequence? I'll document first two per person :).

I reaffirm that all content on NMR Wiki is avaiable with an "open-source" type of license and this is not going to change (contributors can still claim their copyright if they wish, btw).

Thank you again for the post, I shall make an effort learn from you some some skills of writing in the human language.

Best wishes,