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Friday, March 26, 2010

Free and Inexpensive NMR Processing Software for Students

Processing NMR data has just become more affordable for students. Our friends at Advanced Chemistry Development have recently decided to make their NMR processing software free of charge to academics. As a student, you can put this software on your personal laptop or PC and process your NMR data at home or anywhere your travels take you. You can register and download the software here. They have even started a BLOG dealing with use of the software. I think I speak for all students when I say "Thanks guys!!"

Also, our friends at Bruker Biospin have recently introduced an inexpensive personal student license for their TOPSPIN software which can be purchased online.
There are other excellent NMR processing software options available. I mention specifically those above as the University of Ottawa currently holds network licenses for them and our students are most familiar with them.


Glenn said...

Thank you so much for sharing this!

Craig said...

Dear Glenn

Here's an update this blog item:

The ACD/NMR Processor Academic Edition, "retired as of February 2016" (

The Bruker Corporation has made available a processing version of Topspin "free of charge for all academic users" (


Anonymous said...

They do not work on window 10. I kept getting error towards very last stage

Glenn Facey said...

I would be very surprised if ACD's software cannot be installed on a WINDOWS 10 computer. I suggest that you get in touch with ACD to resolve your problem.

Recently, Bruker has made their TOPSPIN NMR processing package free to academia. You can register for a free download here: