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Monday, January 28, 2008

1D TOCSY for Mixture Analysis

Many two dimensional techniques such as the 2D TOCSY, have similar 1D analogs where selective pulses are used to get effectively only one slice of the comparable 2D experiment. If you are only interested in a few correlations, then the 1D experiments can represent a tremendous time saving ( i.e. money saving). Below is a series of 1D TOCSY spectra run on a mixture of toluene, p-dichlorobenzene and pyridine. In this case, the technique can be used to separate out the components of the mixture. In the figure, the lower trace is the standard 1H spectrum. In the other traces red arrows indicate the resonance selectively irradiated with the shaped pulse.

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Anonymous said...

Another big advantage of all the selective 1D experiments is the much higher resolution. In all 2Ds one has to severely compromise in resolution in F2 and, in particular, in F1. This is not the case with the 1D versions of the 2D experiments as you have the information of a 2D slice but the resolution of a native 1D.