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Friday, April 25, 2008

New NMR BLOG for Structure Elucidation

Arvin Moser, an M.Sc. Chemistry graduate from the laboratory of Christian Detellier at the University of Ottawa and a current employee of the Advanced Chemistry Development (ACD) software company, has recently created a new BLOG called Philosophy to Chemistry to Elucidation. One of Arvin's responsibilities at ACD is to address the problems encountered by users of the software. In this capacity, he has insight into the questions and interests a large group of chemists. His BLOG addresses many of these questions. I think it is a worthwhile resource, especially for junior organic graduate students. Arvin's BLOG is now linked to this site. Click here to check it out.
This picture of a happy Arvin collecting a 23Na NMR spectrum was taken the day before he greased the door knob of my office. Oh yes, Arvin! I have not forgotten!


Arvin said...

Ah, memories from an NMR lab. :)

Egon Willighagen said...

Ah, thanx for the tip. Added it to Chemical blogspace.