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Sunday, November 11, 2007

Learn How to Play Music with Your NMR Spectrometer

I always thought this site by Walter Bauer was a lot of fun. The difference frequency between an NMR resonance and the carrier frequency is used creatively to make music. Listen to your spectrometer!

NMR spectrometers are really just very expensive musical instruments!


Anonymous said...

In fact we used to plug in a computer speaker to the spectrometer and listen to it for shimming: if the FID sounded like static on a radio then you had a lot of shimming to do. Once you get a nice FID it sounds like ringing a bell! Very cool.


Anonymous said...

You are fired!


Alexey Kiryutin said...

Original url is no longer valid.

we have done similar things.

You may see how FIds sounds for some different molecules, and for 2D spectra