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Friday, April 5, 2013

Removing t1 Noise from Homoonuclear 2D NMR Data - Video Tutorial

The often troublesome stripes of vertical noise in 2D NMR spectra are called t1 noise (i.e. noise originating in the t1 domain). When t1 noise occurs in homoonuclear 2D correlation experiments such as COSY, TOCSYNOESY or ROESY, symmetrization can be used to remove a great deal of the noise and make the data more presentable. The technique was described in a previous post and is demonstrated in this video tutorial using a magnitude COSY spectrum as an example.


Anonymous said...

Alternatively you can cheat and use covariance processing by simply typing the covariance keyword in topspin. It then basically fits the FID with the signals from the 1D spectrum. This approach also lets you acquire less F1 slices and reduces experiment times. You may however get false diagonal peaks in experiments where diagonal peaks shouldn't be present.


Anonymous said...

Hi. Does anyone know a tutorial to use covariance in topspin? Thanks