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Wednesday, August 10, 2011

The Bruker Almanac for iPhone / iPod

Over the years, I have made much use of the Bruker Almanac. My bookshelf still holds several copies from the past 20 years or so. For those who have never seen a copy, it contains a great deal of useful information for NMR, EPR, ENDOR, IR and mass spectrometry. The NMR information includes, useful NMR formulas, chemical shift tables for some of the commonly observed isotopes, reference compounds, frequency tables etc... Recently Bruker has released its almanac in an iPod / iPhone app. Not only can you use your iPod / iPhone to take a course on Fourier transforms but you can also use it as an NMR reference book. The Bruker Almanac app is a very useful tool making it convenient to have a great deal of NMR information in your pocket - and at the console where it is most often needed. How often have you awakened at 2:18 am. and wondered what the chemical shift range is for 99Ru? Well .... now you can quickly look it up and go back to sleep. Below are three screen shots from the app. Good job Bruker!


Anonymous said...

here is the download link

and it's free! - Victor

Akul said...

This is a good resource for learning NMR. To understand the basics of NMR I would recommend you check out They have some useful information on the basics of nuclear magnetic resonance as well.